Product Upgrades

Speed Pan/Tilt - $550

Our speed pan/tilt will allow 180 degree pan of the field in less than 3 seconds.  It will also provide for near vertical tilt - when speed is necessary and space is tight.

​Perfect for sideline filming.

Our state of the art upgrades  are compatible with all systems.  The upgrade replaces the standard parts on any of the Complete Systems.  If you have not yet ordered a Complete System then add the Upgrade when ordering your Complete System and receive a discount from the listed Price.

Wireless System - Controlled through tablet - Tablet is the monitor, camera controller and pan/tilt controller.  Ideal for Baseline filming for Volleyball and Endzone filming for football, rugby, soccer, lacrosse, baseball, softball.

Speed Pan/Tilt - When you need fast panning of the field from one end to the other.  Ideal for any Sideline filming sport - soccer, lacrosse, football, basketball.

Wireless Upgrade - $550

The Wireless System Ugrade eliminates all cable connections, multiple remotes, adapters and hassles.


The system is equipped with a 10 inch Bluetooth tablet, which serves as a monitor, controller for the pan/tilt, and controller for the camera.


Perfect for 13 FT Endzone Camera or Baseline Camera uses.