Frequently Asked Questions

Why is your price so low?

We think a better question is why is everyone else’s so expensive?  We have simplified the endzone camera to make it portable and affordable for all schools, club teams, videographers, and parents interested in filming their kids sporting events.

We recognize the need for elevated footage for practice and games and have designed a product at an affordable price.


Does your system include a camcorder?

Our system does not include a camcorder.  You can order one through us, however many of the programs we deal with already have a camcorder that is compatible. 

What camcorders are compatible?

Our system is the only system on the market that is now compatible with 2014, 2015, and 2016 Sony handycam camcorders with a Multi Port connection.  No need to order used, refurbished or discontinued models.  Simply order a camcorder through us, on Amazon, Walmart, Bestbuy, etc.

Examples are the CX 240 and CX 405.

Older Sony models are still compatible if you have one.  Many Canon camcorders are as well but tend to be more expensive.

Do you accept Purchase Orders?

Yes, we do.  All we need is a copy of the PO in order for us to ship the system.  You can place your order online and select PO as the payment type, print the invoice, and submit the invoice to your purchasing group.  Once your purchasing group issues the PO please just email it to:

How quickly do you ship?

We ship within 3 business days of the order.  You can request priority processing at the time of your order.  As a rule of thumb, you can expect the product to be in your possession within 1 week from the accepted order.  Standard shipping is FedEx Ground.

Can your pan/tilt fast enough to keep up with the ball from the sideline view?

Yes, we have a custom speed pan/tilt to handle that.  This upgrade can be added during the order process.  We recommend the speed pan/tilt for any sideline filming.  Baseline or Endzone filming does not require the speed pan/tilt upgrade.

Do you recommend the wireless upgrade?

We recommend the wireless upgrade for Volleyball baseline filming.

Do you have a warranty?

Yes, we do.  All electronic components are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.  The tripod/mast has a 2 year standard warranty.  We do offer an extended warranty.  See the warranty details here.

What are the different Remote Terminals?

There are 2 different remote terminals.  

There is a Lanc remote terminal which is the standard remote terminal for Canon camcorders equipped with a remote terminal and older Sony Handycam camcorders (2013 and earlier models).

There is a Multi Port remote terminal which is a proprietary Sony connection and will only be available on Sony handycams dated 2014 and later.