Carry Cases

Saddle Bags

Weight:  10 lbs Each

Quantity: 3

Material:  Canvas

Printed:  4 Sides - Elevated Sideline Logo

Fill:  Sand

Extended Height:   24 FT (Shown)

Closed Height:  68 inches

Aluminum Structure:  Light Weight & Durable

Leveling Leg:  Yes

Leg Radius:  60 inch radius on legs extended

Risers:  5 sections

Weighs:  25 lbs

Rated:  Heavy Duty

Other Sizes:  13 FT (Shown) or 18 FT

Carry Case:  Electronics

Dimensions: 8 x 6.25 x 11.5 inches

Side Pocket:  Multiple

Shoulder Strap:  Yes

Material:  Canvas

Fits:  Monitor & Battery & Charger, Pan/Tilt & Remote, Camcorder & Remote, Monitor Articulating Arm, HDMI Adapters, SD Cards, Extra Batteries

Pieces: 2

Cover 1:  Camcorder & Pan/Tilt

Cover 2:  Monitor

Product Specifications


Multi  Port Terminal:

Connection:  Lanc

Compatibility:  Sony / Canon Lanc Terminal

Record Indicator:  Yes

Zoom Control:  In/Out

Start/Stop:  Start/Stop/Pause​

Battery:  N/A - Powered through Camcorder

Clip Mount:  Yes

Choose between the highly portable 13 FT model, the versatile 18 FT model or the flagship 24 FT model which is ideal for Endzone Camera use.  All Systems have a simple set up, simple operation, and great filming perspective.  Our products can fit in the trunk of a small car and travel with you on a plane.

Below are the parts that make up the Elevated Sideline Camera System.  Our products are designed with the end user in mind.  Simple to set up, easy to operate, and great footage.  We are compatible with Hudl Sideline with our customized cable and HDMI output.

All of our complete systems include the parts listed below.

Carry Case:  Tripod/Mast

Length: 70 inches

Side Pocket:  Single

Full Zip:  Yes

Material:  Canvas

Fits:  Tripod/Mast & Saddle Bags

Rain Gear - Optional

Monitor Size:   7 inches

Resolution:  1280x800 HD

Inputs:  Video, Audio, HDMI

Backlight:  LED

Sun Shade:  Included, not shown

Battery:  Sony NP-F Series (Included, shown)

Mast Connection:  11 Inch Articulating Arm (Included, not shown)

Lanc Remote Terminal:

7 Inch HD Monitor

Custom Tripod/Mast

Custom Cable

13 FT

Camcorder Remotes

Pan Degree (Horizontal):   360 Degrees

Tilt Degree (Vertical):  15 Degree

Remote:  4 Way D Pad Control​ (Included)

Battery:  4 AA Batteries

Battery Run Time:  12+ Hours

Speed:  3 Degress per second

Rain Cover:  Optional

Connection:  Sony Multi-Port

Compatibility:  2014 & Newer Sony Camcorder

Record Indicator:  Yes

Zoom Control:  In/Out

Start/Stop:  Start/Stop/Pause​

Battery:  N/A - Powered through Camcorder

Clip Mount:  Yes

24 FT

Length:  20 FT (Shown) 

Connection 1:  HDMI

Connection 2:  CPan/Tilt

Connection 3:  Multi Port or Lanc

Other Lengths:  10 FT or 15 FT​​