Multi  Port Terminal:

Weight:  10 lbs Each

Quantity:  2

Material:  Canvas

Printed:  4 Sides - Elevated Sideline Logo

Fill:  Sand

Length:  10 FT 

Connection 1:  HDMI

Connection 2:  Pan/Tilt

Connection 3:  Multi Port or Lanc

Custom Tripod/Mast

13 FT Camera System - $1,250

Rain Gear - Optional

Connection:  Lanc

Compatibility:  Sony / Canon Lanc Terminal

Record Indicator:  Yes

Zoom Control:  In/Out

Start/Stop:  Start/Stop/Pause​

Battery:  N/A - Powered through Camcorder

Clip Mount:  Yes


Carry Case:  Tripod/Mast

Length: 46 inches

Side Pocket:  Single Padded

Padded:  Yes

Material:  Canvas

Fits:  Tripod/Mast & Saddle Bags

Take it anywhere.  The Elevated Sideline 13 FT Camera System is the most portable system on the market at a price of only $1,250.  Its lightweight design allows you to set up in minutes and film from anywhere.  The product specifications are listed below.

The 13 FT Camera System Includes:  

13 FT Custom Tripod/Mast, 7 inch HD Monitor & Battery, Robotic Pan/Tilt & Remote, Camcorder Remote, (1) Carry Case for Tripod/Mast & Saddle Bags, (1) Carry Case for all electronics, (2) 10 lb Saddle Bags, 10 FT Custom Cable, & Optional Rain Gear.

​Pieces: 2

Cover 1:  Camcorder & Pan/Tilt
Cover 2:  Monitor

Saddle Bags

Monitor Size:   7 inches

Resolution:  1280x800 HD

Inputs:  Video, Audio, HDMI

Backlight:  LED

Sun Shade:  Included, not shown

Battery:  Sony NP-F Series (Included, shown)

Mast Connection:  11 Inch Articulating Arm (Included, not shown)

Carry Cases

Lanc Remote Terminal:

Pan Degree (Horizontal):   360 Degrees

Tilt Degree (Vertical):  15 Degree

Remote:  4 Way D Pad Control​ (Included)

Battery:  4 AA Batteries

Battery Run Time:  12+ Hours

Speed:  3 Degress per second

Rain Cover:  Optional

Extended Height:   13 FT (Shown)

Closed Height:  43 inches

Aluminum Structure:  Light Weight & Durable

Air Cushioned:  Yes

Leg Radius:  44 inch radius on legs extended

Risers:  3 sections

Weighs:  5 lbs

Rated:  Light Duty

Connection:  Sony Multi-Port

Compatibility:  2014 & Newer Sony Camcorder

Record Indicator:  Yes

Zoom Control:  In/Out

Start/Stop:  Start/Stop/Pause​

Battery:  N/A - Powered through Camcorder

Clip Mount:  Yes

Camcorder Remotes

Carry Case:  Electronics

Dimensions: 8 x 6.25 x 11.5 inches

Side Pocket:  Multiple

Shoulder Strap:  Yes

Material:  Canvas

Fits:  Monitor & Battery & Charger, Pan/Tilt & Remote, Camcorder & Remote, Monitor Articulating Arm, HDMI Adapters, SD Cards, Extra Batteries

Custom Cable

7 Inch HD Monitor