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Since 2014, Elevated Sideline has supplied its customers with more than just endzone camera systems, sideline cameras, or custom built systems. We are a business partner, a trusted provider of endzone cameras backed by a solid warranty, fast and friendly service. 

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Elevated Sideline has become the leader in affordable endzone camera systems with our simplified and portable design.  Our systems are perfect for practice and for games. High Schools, Colleges, and Youth programs around the country have trusted our systems. Over the last couple of years, hundreds of programs have added an Elevated Sideline Camera System.

Because of the importance on high quality filming, Elevated Sideline is committed to making Endzone Camera systems available to all high school, college, and youth programs.  We have the most reliable and affordable End Zone Camera system on the market.  

We are fully compatible with 2014-2016 Sony Camcorders and our 24 FT model retails for under $2,000.  Why pay $4,000 or $6,000 for similar systems?  Need your product fast?  No problem, we ship upon approved PO and standard shipping is 2-3 days.

Sales and Product Support staff are available to answer questions you have and guide you through the set up and operation!

We are fully compatible with Hudl Sideline!  And fully compatible with other Hudl Products.

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Elevated Sideline has changed the end zone camera industry by introducing its 24 FT end zone camera system for under $2,000.

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